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Harvesting conditions, market particularities or just economic competition: a Romanian case study regarding the evolution of standing timber contracting rates
Uvjeti pridobivanja drva, osobitosti tržišta ili tržišno natjecanje: Rumunjska studija slučaja o kretanju ugovornih stopa za drvo na panju
Mădălina Fornea, Marcian Bîrda, Stelian Alexandru Borz, Bogdan Popa, Željko TomaŠić
A survey of timber harvesting operations and tendering prices was conducted in a representative forest region of Romania aiming to see to what extent the harvesting parameters of the sold harvesting stacks affect the tendering prices. Based on a sample of 1192 contracts, accounting for more than 20,000 harvested hectares and for more than 600,000 harvested cubic meters, descriptive statistics of harvesting conditions and tendering prices were computed and prediction models of tendering prices as a function of harvesting conditions were estimated. Harvesting factors such as the felling type, sold volume, removal intensity, tree size and pruning condition, slope and extraction distance had rather a low effect on the initial (adj. R2 = 0.20) and final tendering prices (adj. R2 = 0.17) showing that the remaining variability could be related to other factors. No obvious relations were found between the variation of harvesting factors and the variation of the difference in price paid by the contractors to buy the wood. As a consequence, a more detailed price analysis was conducted to see to what extent prices can be explained by the demand and supply evolution. Although the evolution of the prices and negotiated quantities may be considered confusing in the context of a normal market supply and demand, the analysis revealed that the stumpage market demand increase during analyzed years and there was a bigger demand for conifers species. The results of this study could be of help for both, the forest management and harvesting contractors in shaping and conducting their businesses. In addition, the study gives detailed statistics on the forest operations practices and conditions under the Romanian forestry, being of help for comparisons with other regions.
Key words: harvesting conditions, prediction model, auction price, selling price, supply, demand