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Greenhouse-1 media, in IBA 5000 ppm treatment with 80% in Greenhouse-2 media and in IBA 1000 ppm treatment with 70% Greenhouse-3 media. In contrast to rooting percentage, callus percentage values were higher in peat rooting media. The best results in root length and the number of root values were found in the perlite rooting media. For root length and the number of roots values, NAA 1000 ppm treatment in Greenhouse-1 media revealed 3,15 cm and 3,30 roots, respectively. This values determined as 4,51 cm and 4,00 roots in NAA 1000 ppm treatment in Greenhouse-2 media. And finally, they were 4,60 cm and 2,20 roots in IBA 1000 ppm treatment in Greenhouse-3 media. The results of analysis of variance (univariate) are given in Table 2.
All the factors were statistically significant on the rooting and callus percentage. According to analysis of variance results related to root length, rooting media and hormone factors, greenhouse media x rooting media, greenhouse media x rooting media x hormone interactions produced a statistically significant difference (P<0,05). The greenhouse media, rooting media, hormone factors and greenhouse media x rooting media interaction provided a statistically significant difference according to the results of the number of roots. The results of Duncan test were shown in Figure 3 (for hormones) and Figure 4 (for greenhouse media).
When Duncan test results for hormones were evaluated, 4 different groups in terms of RP appeared. While NAA 1000 ppm treatment with 40% formed the first group, Control with 25% created the last group. It was determined that there were 5 different groups in terms of CP. Accordingly, the highest result with 66.67% was revealed by NAA 5000 ppm treatment. Additionally, three different groups arose related to RL and RN. NAA 1000 ppm treatment produced the highest results for both root length (2.27 cm) and root number (1.62 roots). The most effective hormone implementation was NAA 1000 ppm treatment, which gave the highest results in terms of RP, RL and RN values. As expected, this hormone, which has the best rooting status, is the last place in terms of CP.
According to Duncan test results for greenhouse media, 2 different groups emerged in terms of RP and the first group