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2.2. Morphometric analysis and leaf traits analysis
The collected leaves were scanned (CANON LIDE 110) in 200 ppi resolution (Fig. 3). The digital images were used in the IMP (Integrated morphometrics package) software package (Sheets et al., 2004). In the MakeFan6 program a set of median landmarks (LM) (1 and 2) was labeled, according to which „comb“ with eight lines were constructed (Fig. 3, dashed thin lines accros the leaf). According to the „comb“ with parallel axis a uniform series of semilandmarks pairs (SLM) (3-8 left leaf curvature, 9-14 right leaf curvature and 15 to 19 (across leaf midvein) for measuring the distance of homologous points of the leaf margin and the midvein were used. The marks 21 and 22 in gray square were used as the scale factor (mm/pixel) for every digital images (Fig. 3).
Software for the two-dimensional geometric morphometric analyses (tpsDig2) was used to mark the points where axes cross the lamina edge and midveien. The Tmorphgen6 procedure was used to obtain leaf lamina dimensions, the distance between marks on left and right leaf curvature and across the leaf midvein (left lamina side 3-8, right lamina side 9-14), and petiole lenght. The obtained data for lamina