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families. However, differences between stomatal conductance and intercellular CO2 concentrations among families were evident, indicating genetic background of their recovery. Compared to control, recovered plants of family 2 showed no increase of Ci, while stomatal conductance remained low, indicating cessation of metabolic limitation of photosynthesis. Decreases of stomatal conductance recorded in family 2 can be attributed to the inability of stomata to completely re-open (Kozlowski, 1982) or to the structural changes in stomata (Gallé and Feller, 2007). The increase of NRA after the 7-day period indicated an ongoing recovery process in the stressed plants, which is consistent with previous studies (Bardzik et al., 1971; Ferrario-Méry et al., 1998; Foyer et al., 1998; Correia et al., 2005).