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Concerns for the possible consequences of climate change and their impact on the Mediterranean underline the need for a better understanding of climate variability throughout history, especially beyond the period covered with instrumental measurements. In order to improve the spatial and temporal coverage of the Croatian Mediterranean with climate data and to better understand the impact of climate change on tree growth, this first dendrochronological research was conducted in the area of ​​Northern Velebit. Results of the 274-year-old black pine chronology studied here indicate the main limiting factor in the growth of black pine trees is lack of moisture in the summer period. The correlations between the chronology of tree growth and the amount of summer precipitation from 1954 to 2015 are significant and positive (R = 0.60, p = 0.0099) and stable over time, with the possibility of climate reconstruction relatively far into the past for the area of ​​the northwestern Dinarides open.
Key words: black pine, northern Velebit, dendroclimatology, dendrochronology, climate change