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throughout the 2017 series (including the absence of a more evident increase in the youngest years).
Figure 7 shows the distribution of 137Cs in the annual rings of silver fir for different height trees and old growth rings in all three sampling years. These are the same values as in the charts of Figures 4 - 6, additionally displaying the distribution by age rings (and not according to the calendar year), and with a limited set of twenty early years within which the samples from 2003 and the 2004 recorded an increase in 137Cs activity with decreasing rings age.
Comparison of age series 137Cs activity in the annual rings of silver fir for different heights and year of sampling, was done using non-parametric test for related samples (“Wilcoxon matched pairs test”), Figure 8, and shows the following:
1) At the tree heights of 0.1 m to 8 m statistically significant (p = 0.05) increases were observed in 2003 (while at the height of 16 m this difference was not significant), which can be attributed to a vegetation dormancy in winter and