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elevation cut-off angle and the sample rate were 10 degrees and 30 seconds, respectively. The performance specifications of the Satlab SL600 receivers are 8 mm+1.0 ppm for horizontal and 15 mm+1.0 ppm for vertical positioning (kinematic); 2.5 mm+1.0 ppm for horizontal and 5 mm+1.0 ppm for vertical positioning (static). Points P6, P7 and P8 were located in the forest environments, but P5 was located in the unobstructed area (clear line of sight) (Pirti 2013).
As known, the forest canopy caused severe obstruction of the sky for these three points (especially for P6, P7 and P8 points) in the project area, see Figures 1, 2 and 3. The problem shown by the sky plot of 10.30–15.30 hours for P6, P7 and P8 is typical for the whole day: several satellites were shaded by the forest, but were still tracked by the receivers see Figures 2b, 2c and 2d. However, all observed satellites for P5 point were not shaded due to the clear-line-of sight, see Figure 2a.
Static Processing – Statička obrada podataka
Static data collection produces the most accurate and reliable results due to the amount of data collected during each observation. The disadvantage is in productivity. Long observations at each point reduce the number of points that