prilagođeno pretraživanje po punom tekstu

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On β gley the average volume was 122.52 m3ha-1, while the most productive was the β / γ gley with average volume of 193.3 m3ha-1 (Figure 7, as sum of all diameter class). Volume on the β / γ of the aforementioned most valuable assortments was 102.11 m3ha-1 (52.82% of the total volume). On the β gley was found 37.36 m3ha-1 in average. Plantations of Populus x euamericana I 214 on the humogley in the complex with the other soil types as well as on the humogley as the only soil type within a section, have reached similar timber volume of the most valuable timber assortments (59.7 and 58.8 m3ha-1 respectively). However, the larger share of other soil types in a section, the better productivity was confirmed as well as higher-quality of wood which has the higher utility value and price (Petraš, 2008b).