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Increasing participation of α and β gley, as humogley have influence on reduction in the productivity of Populus x euramericana I-214 plantation. With increase of partipitation of β/γ gley in soil mixture we can see the increase of volume in Populus x euramericana I-214 plantation (Figure 8).
The increasing trend of α and β gley, likewise humogley, indicated a decrease in productivity of the Euramerican poplar. An exception to this was discovered at the share of β/γ gley, the latter being positively correlated in those two phenomena. Increasing in participation of β/γ gley increases the average timber volume per section. Statistical significance indicates a weak statistical relationship (r2 0.3745). Cluster analysis shows two groups (Figure 9). In the one group we find α and β gley and in the second group β/γ gley and humogley. Grouping into these two groups is probably a consequence of physiological active soil depth. First group (α and β gley) is characterized by smaller depth. PCA’s analysis shows the importance of soil systematic units (Figure 10), and shows that humogley have the greatest strength and α gley lowest strenght. According to this