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analysis major influence is connected to soil type – humogley. In both case it was shown on the decrease of productivity with increase of portion of eugley (physiological α and β). Correlation analyses shows that the increase of eugley β/γ gley in relation to humogley leads to increase of plantation productivity (Figure 10). However, if we consider that the average volume refers to the entire section and all the soil systematic units within it, the statistical connection must be explained in more details.
Total area of ​​the α and β gley under Populus x euamericana I 214 plantations is 86.58 ha. The total area of ​​these two systematic units in plots larger than 1 hectare is 28.98 ha, indicating that the eventual delineation would be reasonable. At the surface, 10 % share of α gley, as well as 20% share of β gley, witnih a section, substantially reduces the productivity of Populus x euamericana I 214 plantations. Significant reduction of the productivity on humogley is already noticeable if its portion is 30% or larger of the