prilagođeno pretraživanje po punom tekstu

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every two months to change memory cards and batteries. Images were processed in program Camelot (Hendry and Mann 2017) and for each event, the species, number of animals, age category (juvenile or adult) and sex was defined, while empty photos were erased. An event is defined as one visit of animals lasting 10 minutes during which several photos and videos could be taken. Lynx photos were additionally archived in database.
Opportunistically collected photos of lynx from other sources (i.e. from hunters, institutions for management of protected areas, private persons, as well as from company Geonatura Ltd. comprising results of preconstruction monitoring for windfarm “Lički medvjed” financed by Green Trust Energy Ltd., Split) were also included in the analysis.
Lynx from the Dinaric population have coats with rosettes, large and small spots, while coats without spots are not present (Topličanec et al. in press). Unique coat pattern of lynx in Dinaric population enabled the identification of individuals by visual comparation. Each newly photographed individual was compared with reference photographs of individuals belonging to the same coat pattern type until all photographs of the individuals within the database have been checked. When both flanks of the same individual are known lynx gets a unique identifier (Rovero and Zimmerman 2016). If for a new animal we have photos of one flank only then we cannot connect which right and left flank belong to the same individual. For example, if we have five lynxes with left flank photos only and five lynxes with right photos only, this could be the same five animals or ten different animals. That is why our estimation of the minimum population size has a span. Animals’ gender was determined from photographs in cases when the genital area was captured or female was recorded with cubs. For some animals, gender and age were determined when they were captured during the radiotelemetry