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pines are edifying species in the overstorey with an even share but sparse canopy. The lower shrub layers are dominated by Erica carnea and Chamaecytisus heuffelii and the grasses Brachypodium pinnatum, Festuca rupicola, and Poa angustifolia. The altitude of the study sites ranges from 330 to 700 meters. Site classes, according to the local site quality classification for uneven-aged stands (Drinić et al. 1990), range from 4.2 (Site 4) to 1.7 (Site 1 and Site 5) for Scots pine and 3.5 (Site 4) to 1.4 (Site 5) for Austrian pine. In mixed stands, i.e. sites 3, 4, and 5, site conditions according to the local site quality classification are more favourable for Austrian pine trees (Table 1). 
Sampling – Uzimanje uzoraka
In July 2015, on the five sampling sites of the Zavidovići-Teslić area, 72 Scots pine and 72 Austrian pine were sampled. The cores were drilled with the Pressler increment borer at breast height (two cores from opposite sides were extracted). The first site had 15 Scots pine trees, the second 15 Austrian pine trees, while the remaining three comprised mixed stands of these two species, with 15 Scots pine and 15 Austrian pine trees each. The number of trees to be drilled was determined following the research by several authors, according to which the minimum sample size to establish a good-quality individual site chronology is 15