prilagođeno pretraživanje po punom tekstu

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and October of the previous year, June, July, and August, and the growing season. For Austrian pine, the correlation was also significant for the period April-May. As with temperature, there was little difference between the two species in terms of its influence on the formation of tree rings. Generally, the influence of precipitation is somewhat stronger in Austrian pine.
In order to fully understand the relationship between Scots and Austrian pine in terms of the influence of climate variables on the formation of tree rings, it was necessary to test the temporal stability of the climate signal in the period for which temperature and precipitation data was available. The correlation between the tree-ring width index and temperature (ap – t and sp – t) and precipitation (ap – p and sp – p) in the period from June to August was analysed. The temporal stability of the correlation was analysed using a moving correlation with a 30-year-time span and a one-year step. Both species had approximately the same flow of correlation coefficient values both for precipitation and temperature. The correlation coefficient for precipitation in both species