prilagođeno pretraživanje po punom tekstu

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Then, the final noise propagation map was generated considering the combination that gives the highest pixel value among the combinations for each pixel. Figure 4 shows the final propagation map for the chainsaw-induced noise. According to the results, the maximum noise level arising from the chainsaw was determined as 95.96 dBA. This value is above the danger limit (90 dBA) that causes increased physiological reactions and headache.
In order to evaluate the noise exposure of the personnel working around the noise source during the harvesting operation, the areas where the noise is 85 dBA and above (e.g. defined as the warning limit) was detected (Figure 5). The results showed that the area exceeding the warning limit was 10.62 ha. The areas with 45 dBA and above noise levels that cause adverse effects on bird species were calculated as 63.18 ha (Figure 6). On the other hand, the areas where the difference between the noise originating from the chainsaw and the ambient noise in the working environment is effective on bird species (20 dBA and above) was determined to be 20.61 ha (Figure 7).