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that causes mental and physical harm and psychosomatic diseases. They found that the maximum noise level (100.77 dBA) was in the noise range that can result in mental and physical harm and psychosomatic diseases.
The areas where the noise emitted from the chainsaw may affect the bird species in the study area was determined for Section 52. It was found that the entire section was subject to noise level of 45 dBA (Delaney et al. 1999) and above, which can affect the breeding, stress hormone level and species richness in bird species. On the other hand, the regions where the difference between the noise from the noise source and the ambient noise exceeds 20 dBA (Proto et al. 2016), which is critical for bird species, was determined to be 18.81 ha. Anthropogenic noise originating from human activities causes adverse effects on birds, especially during the breeding and incubation period, and generates problems in vital functions such as warning against predators and feeding (Slabbekoorn and Ripmeester 2008). It is stated that both aquatic and terrestrial bird species are equally affected by anthropogenic noise (Kunc and Schmidt 2019). It is predicted that 126 resident bird species in the flooded forest subject to the study may be significantly affected by the production activities carried out in the field, especially in the spring, which is the breeding season.
Forest operations in which motorized equipment and heavy machinery are used is one of the working environments with intense noise effect. In this study, the propagation map of the noise caused by the chainsaw used in the tree cutting stage of forest harvesting was produced by using GIS based SPreAD-GIS software. The results showed that the maximum noise level from the chainsaw was above the danger limit (95.96 dBA). According to the results of the noise propagation map, it was found that the noise caused by the chainsaw reached a level that could cause adverse effects on