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Assessment of forest resources based on Sentinel-2 images – case study Derventa, BiH (Cadastral municipality of Brezici)
Procjena šumskih resursa na temelju Sentinel-2 snimki – studija slučaja Derventa, BiH (Katastarska općina Brezici)
Dragana Skorup, Miroslav Vujasinović, Goran Marinković, Ilija Grgić, Boban Miletić
The management of forest resources is complicated due to the complete lack of maintenance and disorganization of the land administration and survey that are decades old. Modern, unconventional monitoring systems are used with the aim of improving the existing records systems and creating a clearer insight into the state of forest resources. This study provides an example of the use of one such system, Sentinel-2. Using the R programming language, the multispectral Sentinel-2 images were classified by the Random Forest classification algorithm. Following the completion of the classifications, the accuracy of the classification was evaluated using the error matrix and the Kappa value. An analysis of forest resources for one cadastral municipality was accomplished using classified rasters and data from the Real Estate Cadastre Database. Based on the data analysis, major changes are visible in terms of the abandonment of agricultural land and its conversion into a certain form of forest vegetation. Furthermore, based on these data, the study demonstrates changes that can be monitored in shorter time intervals. Sentinel-2 images can be used to determine forest expansion, based on the aforementioned analyses, resulting in a clearer and better representation of existing forest resources that are unknown due to outdated and unreliable land administration systems.
Key words: Sentinel-2, Real Estate Cadastre Database, Random Forest, forest
Monitoring of LULC (Land Use/Land Cover) changes has a significant impact on managing land use and offering specific subsidies that would significantly improve life quality (Szostak et al. 2018). Land Use refers to the way that land is utilized by humans, and Land Cover represents the physical characteristics of the land surface. Analysis of the data on land use and land cover, allows the identification of opportunities for optimizing land use, such as prioritizing efforts to conserve and develop strategies for the protection and restoration of forests, as well as the potential to discover new forest resources and their optimal utilization