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Năstasă, L. E., Cocoradă, E., Vorovencii, I., Curtu, A.L.: 2022. Academic Success, Emotional Intelligence, Well-Being and Resilience of First-Year Forestry Students, Forests 13, 5: 758.
NC State University: What Can I Do With a Forestry Degree? May 22, 2018
NCVVO -Nacionalni centar za vanjsko vrednovanje obrazovanja. Pravilnik o polaganju državne mature-pročišćen tekst 1
Larasatie, P., Barnett, T., Hansen, E., 2020: Leading with the heart and/or the head? Experiences of women student leaders in top world forestry universities, Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research,35(8), 588-599.
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Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Natječaj za upis studenata na 1. godinu preddiplomskog studija, 2023 URL:
Tabachnick, B.,G., Fidell, L.,S., 2001: Using Multivariate Statistics, Allyn & Bacon.
This study was motivated by a discussion how the results of state maturity influence on academic undergraduate performance (average mark) and the number of year students take to complete their undergraduate studies (study duration). There are three compulsory subjects on the state maturity: Mathematics (MATH), Croatian (CRO) and foreign (FORL) language. MATH and CRO can be deployed on two levels. Were analysed data using data from a questionnaire among 257 graduates from 2016 to 2018.(Table 1) A multivariate linear regression was used to analyse if and how marks of subjects from state maturity predict undergraduate study achievement: average mark and duration of study with logarithmic transformation. In order to consolidate these results, we used canonical correlation as a variation on the concept of multivariate regression and correlation analysis. analyse the relationship between two sets of variables, maturity marks: MATH, CRO and FORL and undergraduate performance: duration and average mark of study. Mark of MATH on maturity is statistically significant predictor of average mark and duration of undergraduate study (Table 4). The higher MATH the higher average grade of the study and the shorter duration of the study. Results of canonical correlation shows that only the first canonical correlation rc1=0.3576 is statistically significant F(6,392)=5.43, p<0.001. The first canonical variate for undergraduate performance shows most weight on average mark than duration of study.
Key words: forestry students, wood technology students, state maturity, undergraduate study performance, multivariate regression, canonical correlation