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   Godina: 2000    Str: 1 - 495
   Glavni urednik: Joso Vukelić

Annales experimentatis silvarum culturae provehendis
Univirsitas studiorum Zagrebiensis
                    Issued continously since 1926.
   UDK 630*
   ISSN No.: 0352-3861
   Issued by: Sveučilište u Zagrebu - Šumarski fakultet
   Address: p. p. 422, HR-10002 Zagreb, Croatia
   Editor in Chief: Darko Bakšić

Heinrich Spiecker, Robert Rogers, Zoltan Somogyi   1
IUFRO UNIT 1.06.00 - Improvement and silviculture of oaks
Slavko Matić   5
Oak forests (Quercus sp.) in Croatia
Albert Beky, Zoltán Somogyi   15
Growth and yield of hornbeam-sessile oak (Carpinus betulus L. - Quercus petraea (Matt.)Lieb.) stands under optimal management in Hungary
Sihe Yang, Xingyuan He, Qingfeng Wu, Hans Schabel, Robert Rogers   29
Management to sustainable utilization on tussah-feeding oak forests in NE China
Leif Nutto, Heinrich Spiecker   37
Production of valuable wood: a software aided decision tool for managing oak stands (Quercus petraea Liebl. and Quercus robur L.) in Europe
Eduard Hochbichler, Werner Ruhm, Hannes Schönauer   51
Management of oak forests in Austria
Slavko Matić, Milan Oršanić, Igor Anić   69
The number of plants and sites as important factor in the growth of young stands of Pedunculate oak
Juro Čavlović, Mario Božić, Nikola Lukić   83
Trends in forest and timberland values in the dynamic system of an even-aged forest of pedunculate oak in the management unit Josip Kozarac
Norocel-Valeriu Nicolescu, Mihai-Liviu Daia, Ion I. Florescu   95
Research on establishment and maintenance of network of access racks opened in young sessile-oak stands subject to weedings and cleanings
Jan Ceitel, Janusz Szmyt   107
Initial spacing and morphology of oak trees (Quercus robur L. and Quercus petraea (Matt.)Liebl.) in untending oak saplings at the age of 17-years
Vlado Topić, Oleg Antonić, Željko Španjol, Žarko Vrdoljak   123
Regression models for estimating biomass of resprouted pubescent oak (Quercus pubescens Willd.), italian oak (Quercus frainetto Ten.) and Holm oak (Quercus ilex L.)
Damir Barčić, Željko Španjol, Oleg Antonić   133
Vegetation succession on the permanent plots in the holm oak (Quercus ilex L.) forest in Croatia
Helmut Guttenberger   145
Anatomy of Quercus x viridis Trin., an oak of unknown origin in Croatia
Eric Badel, Patrick Perre   161
Homogenisation: a mathematical technique used to predict the shrinkage of oak as result of the annual ring morphology and the microscopic properties of tissues
Jörg Hansen   173
Dendroecological analysis of vessels on cross sections of European oak
Slavko Govorčin, Tomislav Sinković   189
Influence of double sapwood on the quality of Slavonian oak
Matjaž Čater, Franc Batič   201
Ecophysiological parameters as a possible tool for the assessment of natural and artificial regeneration in pedunculate oak in lowland parts of Slovenia
Mihej Urbančić, Primož Simončić, Igor Smolej   215
Pedunculate oak stands in lowland regions of Slovenia - soil water conditions
Kim C. Steiner   223
IUFRO UNIT 2.08.05 - Genetics of quercus
Branimir Prpić, Igor Anić   229
The influence of climate and hydro-technical developments in the stability of the peduncled oak (Quercus robur L.) stands in Croatia
Renata Pemar, Vladimir Kušan, Željko Galić   241
Relationship between diameter increment and damage status of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.)
Nikola Pernar, Zvonko Seletković, Darko Bakšić   251
Pedological and microclimatic properties of some experimental plots of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) plantations in Croatia
Gerd Struck, Achim Dohrenbusch   263
Effects of initial density, fertilisation and logging slash removal in young sessile oak stands
Joso Vukelić, Dario Baričević   277
Development of vegetation in localities of pedunculate oak dieback in Croatia
Martin Bobinac   295
Stand structure and natural regeneration of common oak in nature reserves Vratična and Smogva near Morović
Dalibor Hatić, Oleg Antonić, Željko Španjol, Josip Križan   311
Growth of the old oak trees in Croatia: the preliminary results of the TGECC programme
Werner Maurer, U. Tabel, A. O. König, B. R. Stephan, G. Müller-Starck   329
Provenance trials on Quercus robur L. and Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. in Rheinland-Palatinate (Germany): preliminary results of phenotypic and genetic surveys
Berthold Heinze, Christian Lexer   347
Oak seedlots and forest seed trade regulations: an investigation using molecular markers
Andrej Breznikar, Bojka Kump, Ulrike Csaikl, Franc Batič, Hojka Kraigher   361
Taxonomy and genetics of chosen oak populations in Slovenia
Mirko Vidaković, Davorin Kajba, Saša Bogdan, Vlatko Podnar, Josip Bećarević   375
Estimation of genetic gain in progeny trial of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.)
Sandor Bordacs   383
Assessing of cpDNA diversity in Hungarian oak populations and its sylvicultural aspects
Sanja Perić, Joso Gračan, Bojana Dalbelo-Bašić   395
Flushing variability of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) in provenance experiment in Croatia
Mirko Liesebach, B. Richard Stephan   413
Development of provenances of Quercus petraea and Quercus robur from acorns to six-year old plants in relation to species specific traits
Želimir Borzan   425
Hermaphroditic, unseasonal flowering in "Green oak" growing in Nothern Dalmatia, Croatia
Jochen Kleinschmit, J. G. R. Kleinschmit   441
Quercus robur-Quercus petraea: a critical review of the species concept
Igor Yakovlev   453
Genetic diversity of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) in the Middle Near Volga region of Russia
Josip Franjić, Joso Gračan, Davorin Kajba, Željko Škvorc, Bojana Dalbelo-Bašić   469
Multivariate analysis of leaf shape of the common oak (Quercus robur L.) in the Gajno provenance test (Croatia)
Izabela Glaz   481
Genetic cartography of oaks in Poland using PCR-RFLP markers of the chloroplast DNA
Sašo Žitnik, Claudine Muller, Andre Clement, Marc Bonnet-Masimbert, David E. Hanke, Hojka Kraigher   489
Physiology of acorns during longterm storage