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Znanstveno-stručno i staleško glasilo
Hrvatskoga šumarskoga društva
Journal of Forestry Society of Croatia
      Prvi puta izašao 1877. godine i neprekidno izlazi do današnjeg dana
   ISSN No.: 0373-1332              UDC 630*
upute autorima


Kajba, D., Bogdan, S., Vratarić, P. UDK 630* 238 + 114.2 (001) (Salix alba L., Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn.)
Growth of white willow (Salix alba L.) Clones in Mixed Plantation with black Alder (Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn.) on the peat-clay type of soil in Podravina (Croatia)     pdf     HR     EN 523
Pintarić, K. UDK 630* 231 + 236. 001 (Pinus nigra Arn.)
The Analysis of Structure and Quality of Natural Black Pine Thicket     pdf     HR     EN 533
Summary: The affects of muffling, or the intensity of light on the growth, structure and quality of trees in the thicket stage (later stage of a young growth) have been studied in a natural, pure stand of black pine (Pinus nigra) in the Višegrad area.The results of research have shown that individual trees whose top height reaches 5 m originate from a large number of seed years since their age ranges from 10 to 72 years. It has been found that relative participation of good quality trees is proportional to light conditions: the better the conditions, the higher the relative participation.In relation to site conditions and the requirements of the species (black pine) for light, a special regeneration period should be short and should amount to no more than 10 years. Proper tending of this thicket will yield high productive values both in terms of quantity and quality.
Bertović, S. UDK 630* 113 + 188
The Relief and Its Spacial Distribution     pdf     HR     EN 543
Frković, A. UDK 630* 156 (Ursus arctos L.)
The Mortality of the European Brown Bear (Ursus arctos L.) in Mountainous Regions of Croatia During (1991-1995) and After (1996) Homeland War     pdf     HR     EN 565
Lisjak, Z. UDK 630* 325 + 326
Optimal use of Stemwood in Forest Harvesting     pdf     HR     EN 573
Tolić, I. UDK 630* 176.1 + 181.1 (Quercus macedonica A.D.C.)
Macedonian Oak - Quercus trojana Webb (Quercus macedonica A.D.C.) in Dalmatinska Zagora     pdf     HR     EN 581

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