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Znanstveno-stručno i staleško glasilo
Hrvatskoga šumarskoga društva
Journal of Forestry Society of Croatia
      Prvi puta izašao 1877. godine i neprekidno izlazi do današnjeg dana
   ISSN No.: 0373-1332              UDC 630*
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Prpić, Branimir
Introduction     PDF     HR     EN 5001
This supplement to the 126th volume of "Forestry Journal" in 2003 is dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the establishment of one of the most important forestry institutions in the Croatian Adriatic karst area: the Royal Inspectorate for the Afforestation of Karst Areas in Senj in 1878. The activity of the Inspectorate spanned a period of 65 years and lasted until 1942. In 1919, it changed its name into the Inspectorate for the Afforestation of Karst, Bare Areas and Torrent Management.
The content of the supplement will provide an insight into the activities of seven Inspectorate directors, whose work is mirrored in the wealth of the environment. The successful afforestation of Senjska Draga in 1878 turned this bare karst desert into a landscape of exceptional beauty: a rich forest cover, a multitude of fresh water springs, tamed erosions and torrents, mitigated climatic extremes and a rich plant and animal world. Forestry activity in the Inspectorate´s range encompassing 160 km from Povile near Novi Vinodolski to Sv. Magdalena is undoubtedly reflected in the success of one of the most important projects: the afforestation of Mediterranean karst.
An incentive to afforest this area came from active Croatian foresters who worked in the Krajina regiment, among whom the name of Franjo Kadić has special prominence for his pioneering afforestation work in Senjska Draga in 1867.
To mark a century of dealing with forests in the litioral karst, a proposal was put forward by the Presidency of the Academy of Forestry Sciences to prepare and publish a scientific monograph "Forests and Forestry in the Croatian Littoral Karst" in cooperation with the co-publisher Hrvatske šume Zagreb.
Professor B. Prpić, PhD
Ivančević, V. UDK 630* 902 - 232.4
The 125th Anniversary of the Foundation "Royal Inspectorate for the Afforestation of Karst in the Krajina Border Region - the Inspectorate for the Afforestation of Karst, Bare Areas and Torrent Control" in Senj. the Oldest Croatian Forest Karst Organisation, 1878 - 2003     pdf     HR     EN 5003
Pernar, N., D. Bakšić, A. Vranković UDK 630* 114
Soil Properties on Eruptive Rocks of Senjska Draga     pdf     HR     EN 5023
Tikvić, I., Z. Seletković UDK 630* 232.4 - 116
The Effects of Karst Afforestation on the Hydrological Function of Forests     pdf     HR     EN 5031
Oršanić, M. UDK 630* 232.4 - 972
Afforestation. Current Situation and Prospects in Global Development     pdf     HR     EN 5035
Anić, I. UDK 630* 226
Stand form Conversion by Natural Regeneration - a Case Study in Black Pine (Pinus nigra Arn.) Monoculture, Senjska Draga     pdf     HR     EN 5041
Topić, V. UDK 630* 188 - 116
Forest Vegetation on Karst as an Important Factor of Soil Protection From Erosion     pdf     HR     EN 5051
Pentek, T., D. Pičman UDK 630* 383
The Role of Forest Roads in Forest Management on Karst with the Special Reference to Senjska Draga     pdf     HR     EN 5065
Glavaš, M. UDK 630* 432
Forest Fires and Fire-prevention in the Area of Forest Administration Branch Senj From 1994 - 2003     pdf     HR     EN 5079
Španjol, Ž., D. Barčić, R. Rosavec UDK 630* 907 - 934
Protected Parts of Nature on Mount Velebit     pdf     HR     EN 5093
Prpić, B., H. Jakovac UDK 630* 902
The Inspectorate in Senj on the Pages of "Forestry Journal"     pdf     HR     EN 5107
Matić. S. UDK 630* 902 - 903
Forestry and me Social Environment Today and in 1878     pdf     HR     EN 5111

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