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Znanstveno-stručno i staleško glasilo
Hrvatskoga šumarskoga društva
Journal of Forestry Society of Croatia
      Prvi puta izašao 1877. godine i neprekidno izlazi do današnjeg dana
   ISSN No.: 0373-1332              UDC 630*
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Two forestry anniversaries     pdf     HR     EN 5
Stjepan Posavec, Ljiljana Keča, Sabina Delić, Makedonka Stojanovska, Špela Pezdevšek Malovrh UDK 630* 666 (001)
Comparative analysis of selected business indicators of state forest companies     pdf     HR     EN 7
Mirzeta Memišević Hodžić, Dalibor Ballian UDK 630* 181.8 + 232.1 (001)
Morphological and phenological variability of Common beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in the international provenance test in Bosnia and Herzegovina     pdf     HR     EN 19
The study aims to compare the growth of common beech provenances, and to determine the beginning and end of the phenological stages of leafing in the international provenance test in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In this research, we measured morphological traits and observed phenology on common beech plants in the international provenance test near Kakanj, Bosnia and Herzegowina. The test was established in 2006 with one-year-old and two-year-old seedlings. It includes eight provenances from Bosnia and Herzegovina, four from Germany, three from Serbia, two each from Croatia, Romania, and Switzerland, and one from Hungary (table 1).
In the spring of 2017, we measured the heights (in cm) and root collar diameters (in mm) of plants and observed six phenological phases of leafing (figure 1): A - Sleeping buds; B - Buds swelled; C - Buds begin to open; D - Hairy leaves begin to appear; E - Leaves open, still fanlike; F - Leaves fully developed.
Analysis of variance showed statistically significant differences among provenances for morphological traits of height (table 3), and root collar diameter (table 6). Duncan test showed grouping of populations into seven groups for the trait of height (table 8), and eight groups for the trait of root collar diameter (table 10), but groups overlapped.
Multivariate analysis for height (Table 7) and root neck diameter (Table 9) revealed statistically significant differences only at the population level and not between trees within the population, nor at the population interaction level x tree.
The average height for all provenances was 164.6 cm (table 2), and the average root collar diameter was 33.4 mm (table 5). The lowest average height (104.2 cm) and root collar diameter (22.6 mm) had provenance of Alba - Iulia from Romania (9664). The highest average height (197.4 cm) and root collar diameter (40.1 mm) had provenance Dilj Čaglinski from Croatia (9624).
We identified differences between provenances regarding the occurrence of phenological stages of leafing (table 11), as well as regarding the duration of phenological phases (table 10). Phase B occurred the earliest on 31.3. in provenances Grmeč Jasenica and Dinara from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Cer from Serbia. Phase B occurred the latest on 8.5 in provenances Herzogenbuchsee from Switzerland and NS Hasbruch from Germany. Phenophase F appeared the earliest on 1.5. in provenance Valkony from Hungary.
Analysis of variance showed statistically significant differences among provenances for the length of phenological stages (table 12).
Further measurements of morphological traits need to be made to determine the tendencies of growth of particular provenances in subsequent stages of development.
It is also necessary to observe the phenological stages of leafing. It will help to evaluate the effects of the genetic constitution and annual climate on phenological trends. The results of this study will be used to choose the best provenances in terms of productivity and resistance to late spring frosts.

Key words: leafing phenological stages; height; root collar diameter; common beech; provenance test
Branko Stajić, Živan Janjatović, Marko Kazimirović, Zvonimir Baković, Snežana Obradović UDK 630* 815 (001)
Polymorphic site index curves for Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in Central and Eastern Serbia     pdf     HR     EN 31
Mirza Dautbašić, Osman Mujezinović, Dejan Kulijer, Adi Vesnić, Kenan Zahirović, Sead Ivojević, Damir Prljača UDK 630* 453
First record of Pyrrhalta viburni (Coleoptera: chrysomelidae) in Bosnia and Herzegovina     pdf     HR     EN 43
Damir Barčić, Željko Španjol, Roman Rosavec, Mario Ančić, Tomislav Dubravac, Sanja Končar, Ivan Ljubić, Ivona Rimac UDK 630*182
Overview of vegetation research in Holm oak forests (Quercus ilex L.) on experimental plots in Croatia     pdf     HR     EN 47
Toni Buterin, Robert Doričić, Igor Eterović, Amir Muzur, Marina Šantić UDK 630*111 + 469
Public health perspective of the impact of industrial pollution on global warming and the incidence of zoonoses     pdf     HR     EN 63
Branko Sitaš UDK 630* 659
Controlling of machinery in performing forest works     pdf     HR     EN 71

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