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Znanstveno-stručno i staleško glasilo
Hrvatskoga šumarskoga društva
Journal of Forestry Society of Croatia
      Prvi puta izašao 1877. godine i neprekidno izlazi do današnjeg dana
   ISSN No.: 0373-1332              UDC 630*
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Orlić, S., S. Perić UDK 630* 232.1 (001)
Study of Growth of Douglas Fir Provenances (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) on Krndija     pdf     HR     EN 243
Križanec, R. UDK 630* 228 + 561 (001)
Transition Time as an Indicator of Changes in the Development of Forest Stands of Selection Silvicultural Form     pdf     HR     EN 251
Summary: Transition time is a multi-applicable taxation element. Yet, although it can be measured and applied at any time in any forest stand of selection silvicultural form, Croatian forestry does not use it in its full scope.

In an attempt to broaden the application, we have processed the filed data of long-standing research in trends and changes of transition time during stand development. The insights gained so far have been complemented with new, practically applicable features.

Graphic presentations of periodically measured transition times during the development of the treated stands have confirmed the hypothesis that transition times are useful management indicators of a stand’s condition. Comparison is made of the position, course and form of polygon or equalization curves in relation to their interaction in terms of stability and the expected positive or unforeseen negative changes.

Widespread use of transition times by incorporating them in the existing methods of managing forests of selection silvicultural form will contribute to subjective ocular classifications of crown defoliation. Objective measurements of stand condition indicators are a starting point for damage alleviation with the goal of achieving an optimal design of prognostic models of predictable development and setting up guidelines for future management.
Key words: transition time; increment percentage
Pernek, M., I. Pilaš UDK 630* 453 (001)
Gradations of Gypsy Moth - Lymantria dispar L. (Lep., Lymantriidae) in Croatia     pdf     HR     EN 263
Kajba, D., I. Anić, D. Pfeifer UDK 630* 165 (Populus nigra L.)
Sustainability and Conservation of Genetic Resources with a Focus on the European Black Poplar (Populus Nigra L.)     pdf     HR     EN 271
Meštrić, B. UDK 630* 945.1
Forestry Journal - Bibliographic Database and Its Presentation     pdf     HR     EN 279
Šporčić, M. UDK 630* 641
Insight Into Some Aspects of Entrepreneurship in the European Forestry     pdf     HR     EN 287

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